Normandy Trip

Normandy Trip

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Where do I direct questions regarding registration issues or payment issues?
A.  Please contact Historic Programs Administrator, Chris Meeker –

Q.  Do you suggest using travel insurance?
A.  Travel insurance is NOT included as part of the trip fee.  Insurance is a personal choice you make to safeguard your trip investment.  There are several reputable companies to choose from – research and use a company that best suits your need.  We have a recommendation from the TexasExes Association:

“Because we have had a relationship with the company for many years, and we know that they are conscientious and capable of resolving claims quickly and efficiently, we endorse tri-level SELECT USI Travel Insurance.”  TexasExes

Q.  Do you suggest obtaining any medical travel insurance?
A.  Medical insurance is NOT included as part of the trip fee.  Medical travel insurance is similar to trip insurance and is a personal choice for you to make.

  • HTH Travel Insurance is an example to use.
    Please research and use the company you feel best suits your needs.

Q. Can we travel to Europe early?
A. Yes, but you will need to meet with us at the airport in Paris at the specified time.

Q. Can we meet up with the band in Normandy?
A. No. Travel in and out will be by permit only.

Q. Can I and my party stay after the tour is over?
A. Absolutely. The tour will end in Paris and you are free to extend however and wherever, you wish.

Q. When can I buy my airline ticket(s)?
A. No sooner than 11 months out.

Q. Can our tour agents arrange my airfare?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I use my airline points and book my travel on my own?
A. Yes, but you MUST be able to meet us at the airport in Paris.

Q. Is there a limit on how many guests can travel with me?
A. Not at this time, but subject to change.

Q. Do I need a passport?
A. Yes. Make sure it has more than 6 months remaining before required renewal.

Q. Can I take my drone?
A. Sure, if you want to give it to the authorities? (in other words, NO)

Q. Will security be tight?
A. Yes.  As with any international travel and for an event of this magnitude.

Q. Will I be able to upgrade my room to a suite while in generally just have one standard size?
A. There are generally few upgrades available in most hotels in Normandy

Q. The registration form requires me to fill in the box stating family and friends traveling with me. If I don’t have any, what do I do?
A. You may just put “none” in that box or you may want to make a note about whether you will be looking for a roommate when those arrangements are going made in a few months.

Q. Will there be family pricing if we bring children?
A. All those over 5 years of age who join our group will have to pay the full price.

Q. Can my kids stay in the same room with me?
A. There will be no suites or rooms with two double or queen beds available. If you have minor children traveling with you, there may be a very limited number of triple occupancy slots available. The cost will be the same as for double occupancy.

Q. When and how will I indicate who I prefer to room with if I am not traveling with family?
A. Roommate arrangements will be addressed at a later date and if you and a friend have determined to room together, you will be able to arrange it at that time.

Music Rehearsals & Who Can Play

Q. What music will we play?
A. National anthems for Canada, France, Great Brittan and the US

Q. Will we play Grandioso, March of the Longhorns?
A. Probably not in Normandy, but perhaps in Paris.

Q. Who will be our director?
A. Dr. Scott Hanna, Director of Longhorn Band

Q. When will we rehearse the National Anthems and other marches?
A. We will try to hold three to four rehearsals before we go and those dates will be announced ahead of time.

Q. Where will the rehearsals be?
A. Most likely in Austin; possibly one or more in multiple locations.

Q. Will we rehearse at Band Day next year?
A. Probably not, Band Day is already too hectic.

Q. Will we be shipping large instruments and percussion?
A. Yes

Q. Are we taking big flags?
A. No. The poles are too long and transport would be too difficult and expensive. Silks for all flags.

Q. Will non-LHAB members be allowed to play?
A. No. Special exceptions could be made, but only with the approval of the Steering Committee chair and Dr. Scott Hanna.

Q. My friend played with us in London, can he/she play with us in Normandy?
A. Nope, only LHAB or LHB members


Q. Uniforms
A. Our uniforms have not been picked, but you should expect them to be khaki pants and a burnt orange polo type shirt

Q. When will we get those and what are the costs?
A. The cost for uniforms is yet to be determined, but should not exceed $ 100.

Q. When/how will we pay for uniforms?
A. Payment for uniforms and other extra expenses will be added to payments as soon as determined or just added to the final payment due February 15, 2019.

LHB Students and Big Bertha

Q. Are any LHB students going?
A. Hopefully, but too early to tell.  Dr. Hanna will be announcing to LHB soon.

Q. Is Big Bertha going with us?
A. No

Family and Guests

Q. Can family and guests go?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. What do guest’s pay?
A. The same as us.

Q. I’m wanting to attend the playing opportunity, but had a few questions about attending family. My wife is not a member of LHAB and wants to ensure they are clear about where the families of marchers/performers are supposed to be in order to watch and meet back up with the band members. Will there be designated spots and guides for our non-performing family members during performances?
A.  Our tour managers will be clear on where and when to meet for all sites and following the parade.  The parade is in the small village of St. Mere Eglise.  Even though there will be big crowds the day of the parade, the town is less than one mile from the north to the south village limit, and the parade route is even shorter than that.   The performances at the Normandy Cemetery, Brittany Cemetery and in Paris will also be very clear.

Q.  This trip has numerous playing opportunities and I want to be sure that accompanying family doesn’t have to fend for themselves in the crowds.
A.  Where to be and when will be clearly communicated by our tour managers, but frankly, it will be pretty obvious once you arrive at the various performance sites.  Band members, family members, and tag-alongs who are part of the group will all arrive at the sites together and will leave together.