Honorary and Memorial Scholarships

The Carl T. Widen Memorial Scholarship
Carl Widen was a member of the original Longhorn Band in 1900, and until his death in 1985 at the age of 101, was the oldest living graduate of The University of Texas. He was an active member of the Longhorn Alumni Band and gave generously to the scholarship fund. He was a founding member of the Austin Symphony, the Founders Lions Club of Austin, and a former school board president. Mr. Widen worked at all times to advance both music and education programs in the community. The Alumni Band is proud to keep his name at the forefront of excellence, not only with the Carl T. Widen Scholarship but also with our support of the Carl T. Widen Elementary School through the Austin Partners in Education Program. Mr. Widen was the embodiment of the Longhorn Band’s spirit of determination and excellence. In recognition of this, his name is immortalized by the presentation of an annual scholarship to the Longhorn Band member judged to have displayed the highest achievement in scholarship, musicianship, and leadership.

The General D. Harold Byrd Memorial Scholarship
General D. Harold Byrd was born in 1900 and died in 1986. He was an entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist. A successful pioneer in Texas oil, he shared his wealth with The University of Texas and the Longhorn Band for over 50 years. He was honorary president of Longhorn Band, honorary lifetime member of the Longhorn Alumni Band and a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Texas. He is fondly remembered for his giving spirit and loyalty to The University and the band he loved. The Alumni Band feels that the current members of the Longhorn Band can best select the recipient of the Byrd scholarship. The members of Longhorn Band have chosen a fellow member who demonstrates these same qualities of spirit and loyalty to both The University of Texas and the Longhorn Band.

The James Johnson Memorial Scholarship
James Johnson was born February 1st, 1962 and died January 7th, 1987. He graduated in 1980 from McCallum High School in Austin and earned his BS degree in Radio-Television and Film from UT. James was a 5-year member of the Longhorn Band, played French Horn and was member of KKY. The criteria for this special scholarship include academic excellence, involvement in Longhorn Band, and a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

The Jane and Vincent R. DiNino Honorary Scholarship
Vincent R. DiNino came to the University of Texas in 1955 as Director of Longhorn Bands. Affectionately known as “Mr. D”, his dynamic leadership influenced Longhorn Band members for his 20 years as director. A firm advocate of instrumental music education for all age levels, his mark on UT and the Longhorn Band exists today, as many of the sights and sounds that identify the Longhorn Band were his creations. The Longhorn Alumni Band and its scholarship program were ideas conceived by Mr. and Mrs. DiNino, together with four ex-LHB couples. Recently inducted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor, Mr. D — and Mrs. D — remain steadfast and loyal fans of the Longhorn Band. The scholarship in their honor goes to a Longhorn Band member with demonstrated leadership capabilities, enthusiasm for the Longhorn Band and a sound academic career.

The Moton H. Crockett Jr. Honorary Scholarship
Moton Crockett graduated from Austin High School, entered the University of Texas, and joined the Longhorn Band in 1941. He was a classmate in high school and college of Curtis Popham, whose ring is worn by the Longhorn Band president. Mr. Crockett was Drum Major of the Longhorn Band and its Director from 1950-1955. In 1954, Mr. Crockett purchased Big Bertha from C.G. Conn for one dollar and brought her from Elkhart, Indiana to Austin, where he personally refurbished the big drum and presented her to the new Director, Vincent R. DiNino, in 1955. He initiated the current LHAB scholarship contribution recognition program during his term as President of the Longhorn Alumni Band, and was instrumental in establishing the LHAB Charitable Fund, serving as the first President of its Board of Trustees. Mr. Crockett continues to be an active member of the Alumni Band, and served as designated director from 1983-1994. He willingly shares his time, energy, skills and finances, most recently underwriting the restoration of Big Bertha. Mr. Crockett was one of four inaugural inductees into the Longhorn Band Hall of Honor in 1997.

The James Sims Honorary Scholarship
Dr. Jim Sims was a member of the Longhorn Band from 1963 to 1967. Dr. Sims was a member of the Clarinet and Flags sections, in addition to being a Section Leader and member of Kappa Kappa Psi. He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in 1971, and has been an ardent supporter of the Longhorn Band.

The H.B. Dunagan, Jr. and Lucille J. Dunagan Scholarship
H.B. Dunagan was President of LHAB 1966-67.  He was the person that mentioned LHAB scholarships and passed his hat at a LHAB luncheon meeting, thus the program began.  He was a cornet (trumpet) player in the band in the 20’s, wrote for The Daily Texan, promoted the band at all times.  He designed the first LHAB stationery paying for many, many things in the early years of our existence out of his pocket.  He was an insurance agent in Austin and a active member of the Shrine Band. His wife, Lucy, was a supporter of anything H.B. did, a hostess, cook, with many meetings held at their home.  The scholarship is based on financial need, a business, communications, or education major.

The Todd and Belinda Linstrum Scholarship
Todd E. Linstrum, M.D. was a member of the Flag Section from 1974-80.  He suffered a fatal heart attack October 18, 2006.  He  was in internal medicine private practice and as a hospitalist in Cleburne.  Todd and his wife, Belinda, also a Flag Section member, contributed much to the scholarship fund and participated in LHAB activities, especially Band Alumni Day where Todd and his many flag section members ran through the paces of routines, reciting the drills for those that had forgotten.  The scholarship is based on financial need, good LHB and UT standing, a Chemistry, Biology, Pre-Med or Teaching major.

The Colonel George E. Hurt Memorial Scholarship
Colonel George E. Hurt was born in Liverpool, England in 1897. He was an accomplished violinist, having presented many recitals in Europe, and in 1911 he played for the coronation of King George V.  Hurt graduated from the Royal Naval School of Music and passed the Royal Academy examination in 1914.  He served in the British Army in World War I, attaining the rank of major. Upon coming to the United States in 1920 he began teaching in the Dallas Public Schools before coming to Austin in 1935. Colonel Hurt was director of the Longhorn Band from 1936-1949. In addition to his band directing duties, he was an instructor for the ROTC program, where he attained the rank of Colonel. The scholarship, awarded in his memory, is awarded to an LHB member demonstrating excellence in musicianship and in need of financial assistance.

The James E. Turpin Scholarship
James Turpin was a member of the Longhorn Band from 1970 through 1975.  Mr. Turpin was a member of the percussion section and the Director’s Assistant to Mr. D for his last three years in LHB.  He graduated with BBA in May 1974 and an MBA in December 1975.  Mr. Turpin is a strong supporter of the Longhorn Band and has served as an officer and director of the Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund.  In addition to scholarship and service, this award is based on need.

The James M. Allen Honorary Scholarship
Jim Allen played Tuba in the Longhorn Band from 1964 to 1967 and was a member of KKY. After graduating from UT in 1968, he was stationed in San Diego as an officer in the U.S. Navy. After his navy service, he remained in San Diego where he is a real estate lawyer, businessman and investor. The scholarship is based on financial need.

Diane E. Gorzycki Memorial Scholarship
Diane Elaine Gorzycki was a 1971 graduate of Austin High School and received her Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Texas in 1975. For 30 years, her bands received honors each year in the Texas University Interscholastic League, accumulated 28 “Best in Class” honors in major national music festivals, and were selected as finalist in the Texas Honor Band competition. Her band was the 2001 recipient of the prestigious Sudler Silver Cup International Award. They were invited to perform at numerous national clinics and conferences including the Music Educators National Conference, the J.P. Sousa Middle School Honor Band Clinic, the Western International Band Clinic, the College Band Directors National Association/National Band Association Southern Division Conference, and the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. Even after retirement, Diane continued to be an adjudicator, clinician, and director throughout Texas and the United States. She has also served as past president, as well as a member of the Board of Directors, of the University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band. She was a member of the Texas Bandmasters Association, Texas Music Adjudicators Association, Music Educators National Conference, Phi Delta Kappa, and has held lifetime memberships in Sigma Alpha Iota and Tau Beta Sigma.

On Sept. 30, 2008 Diane Gorzycki passed away peacefully after a two-year battle with a rare uterine cancer. The scholarship is based on financial need and awarded to a LHB member who is a Music Education major.

Jane Dahlgren DiNino Scholarship
Jane DiNino, known to all as Mrs. D, was the First Lady of Longhorn Band and Longhorn Alumni Band. She was the Tau Beta Sigma sponsor, a chaperone, excellent cook, skilled seamstress, and was never without her bright smile and classic earrings.  She had a wonderful memory for details about the lives and interests of band members, and was a public relations asset to the band and The University. Mrs. D was the driving force behind the establishment of the Longhorn Alumni Band and was one of the founders of that organization.  During Mr. DiNino’s 30 years of active leadership of the bands and 50 years of association with the bands, she was an important part of the development and expansion of the band’s operation. She designed and sewed the original flags for the Longhorn Band Flag Brigade, a first not only in the Southwest Conference, but nationally as well.  She also served as the band secretary at times and was the editor of her husband’s articles as well as their book, MARCHING BANDS THROUGH THE EYES OF TEXAS. Through the years Mrs. D entertained hundreds of band members, cooked countless meals for them, repaired uniforms, cared for the sick on band trips, and served as ‘house mother’ and confidant to countless students.

The Richard M. Church, Jr. Scholarship
Rick Church was a member of the Longhorn Band from 1973 to 1977. He played the Tuba, was a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, and Third Counselor. Rick received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in 1977 from UT. This scholarship is dedicated to his mother, Nelda Jean Church, who passed away in 2008, and his father Richard M. Church. The scholarship is awarded to a current Longhorn Band member who exhibits a spirited dedication to the Longhorn Band, financial need, and is a current UT engineering major.

The John B. Buford Honorary Scholarship
John Buford was a percussionist in the Longhorn Band from 1969-1973 and was a member of Kappa Kappa Psi. He earned a BS in Architectural Engineering at UT and worked as a consulting structural engineer for 33 years. John is still a loyal member of the Longhorn Alumni Band and has served as an officer, a director and a trustee. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Longhorn Band member majoring in engineering.

Bill and Inez Phillips Veterans Memorial Scholarship
Bill Phillips LHB 41’ was the dad of Bill Phillips LHB 76’ and played trumpet. Bill Phillips 41’ received a petroleum engineering degree in 1941 from The University and promptly entered the US Navy and attended submarine school in Annapolis, MD. He served as an officer onboard the WWII submarine Kingfish SS-234 and spent the next four years in the Pacific. Following a highly decorated career in the Navy, Bill was a senior executive with Pennzoil Company and Pogo Producing Company in Houston. Following retirement he and Inez raised Texas Longhorns on several south Texas ranches. An avid longhorn, he served on the UT Chancellors Council, was a Texas Exes Life Member, a Longhorn Foundation member, a member of the LHAB as well as many civic and church related boards and committees. Bill passed away in the fall of 2010 in Houston. Bill’s mother Inez, was also one of the strongest supporters of the LHB and never ever missed a half time show rain or shine. Both Bill and Inez were also good friends and admirers of Vince and Jane DiNino.

The  Bill and Inez Phillips Veterans Memorial Scholarship is the first of its kind for LHB students and is designed for those students who have served or plan to serve in any of the US Armed Services.

The John Michael Rizzo, Jr Memorial Scholarship
John Michael Rizzo, Jr. was born December 3, 1973 in Pensacola, Florida and passed away April 20, 2007 in Austin, Texas at the age of 33 years.  Michael graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Management Information Systems.  Most commonly known as “Mike” or “Rizz”, he was a member of the Longhorn Band from 1992 – 1997.  He was a clarinet section leader and served as President of KKY.  Mike had a great passion for music starting with the Fort Bend Boys Choir and continuing at Clements High School in Sugar Land where he served as band vice president and choir president.  A great leader in many activities, he attained the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.  Most of his friends remember him for his big smile and caring nature.