Scholarships and Contributions

The University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund Scholarship Contribution Recognition Program

Contributions to the Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund provide funding for scholarships awarded to deserving Longhorn Band students. Contributions are tax deductible under IRS provisions 501 (c)(3). Individuals making contributions are recognized at the annual Band Day meeting based on the following cumulative award levels.

$1,000 Maestro Award — When initial or cumulative contributions reach $1,000 you will receive a Walnut Box with a numbered Maestro Award plate.

$5,000 Burnt Orange Award — UT Montage Relief

$10,000 Script Texas Award — Large Picture of the Longhorn Band

$25,000 Grandioso Award — Longhorn Bronze Sculpture.  Awarded for initial or cumulative contribution of $25,000.00.

To establish a named scholarship, contact the Board of Trustees and begin with an initial donation of at least $5,000.00.  After total contributions reach $30,000.00, a named scholarship can then be awarded to a member of the Longhorn Band.

Don’t forget that contributions are accepted at any time from anybody, not just from members, and not just with your Band Day registration.

You can donate on-line anytime at

Contributions can also be sent to the address below:

The Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund
P.O. Box 163326
Austin TX 78716-3326